Automated synthesis of narrated videos using Wavenet, FFmpeg, Google Cloud, and Reddit API

In this project, I collaborated with a dorm mate to develop a tool that automatically generates a daily video by narrating the top-scoring comments from the top AskReddit thread of the day. The tool, inspired by a successful Hackathon project of ours, utilizes the following technologies along with Python and Java:

A total of seven videos were generated. The biggest difficulty was ensuring that the comments used in the videos were cleaned of any unwanted content, such as smileys, special characters, user edits, and controversial statements. This project was a challenging and fun exercise, and resulted in a fairly polished final product. Here is an example:

One example of a synthetic video based on an AskReddit thread titled: What mind-blowing (but simple) facts would satisfy a 4-year old daughter’s daily request for 1 fact before bedtime?